Bridgefestival 2014 is arranged with start on Friday week 30 and ends on Sunday week 31, dates spanning from 25/7 to 3/8.

This year we're celebrating the 20th anniversary for the Swedish Bridge Festival

NB! All information is preliminary, final version to come.

Advert for the 2014 Bridgefestival: PDF.

  • Chairman's Cup
    ~13.500€ in pricemoney. Early signup required. Costs 2000SEK/team
  • 3 bronze tournaments every day [3/8 has only 1]
    Costs 80SEK*/player

  • 1 silver tournament every day [2-3/8 excluded - gold instead]
    Costs 160SEK*/player

  • 1 gold tournament - The gold mine.
    ~4700€ in total pricemoney last year. Costs 240SEK*/player

* Requires prepayment at front desk in playing area. At table it costs more.


We offer a variety of hotels within close range to the playing area, with Scandic Grand being the closest, located a mere 20 yards from Conventum. If you prefer a big five star campsite with adventure pools, fitness center, cabins and much more, we can recommend Gustavsvik, located about 1.5km from Conventum.

Prices vary depending on how many nights you stay, prices range from about 680SEK - 930SEK/room and night.

Read more about the hotels

Read more about Gustavsvik


There is a wide selection of restaurants in the vicinity of the playing area. There is also a restaurant located at the top floor of the playing area, and a cafetaria downstairs.

A list of restaurants.

We wish you a pleasant stay during the
20th Bridgefestival.