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Publicerad: Monday 13 June 2011

Bridge Festival 2012

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The Bridge Festival will be held at the Conventum Arena in Örebro, Sweden, on July 27th - August 5th with Gold, Silver and Bronze tournaments every day.

Program for the Festival

Bridge, yes a lot of bridge, during ten days! Hopefully we will have as wonderful a summer as we had last year.
The Bridge Festival has tournaments for everybody including (but not limited to) handicap tournaments, international teams events and the final stages of the Swedish Championships. Obviously, you can come alone, our partnership agency guarantees a partner for everyone.

A Bridge Festival is quite often a matter for the whole family. If not playing bridge you can take a swim, play golf or go for a tour in the city of Örebro. During the Swedish Bridge Festival such activities are available. The difference compared to an ordinary Bridge Festival is that this particular event is considerably larger.

Every morning a Daily Bulletin will be available containing news, results, reports and a lot more from the Bridge Festival.

To participate in Festival tournaments players are requested to have taken their seats no later than five minutes before game time. For Side Events you register by filling out the form on the table. You will find those forms at the tables approximately one hour before official game time.

For the Chairman’s Cup, teams must register no later than July 27th, 20.00 hours.

Conditions of contest

Rules and regulations for Festival 2012 comes in may.

Chairman´s Cup

The Chairman’s Cup (CC) is an Open Teams event held at Conventum Örebro on Saturday July 28 -Thursday August 2.

In 2011 114 teams from 14 countries participated.

The CC is played in two stages; the Qualifying stage (Swiss format) and the Knock out stage (KO). With at least 64 teams participating, the teams ranked 1-32 in the Swiss qualifies for the CC KO,
while the teams ranked 33-64 qualifies for the ‘Bonus Cup (BC)’ KO. Teams ranked 65 and upwards are out of the tournament.

The CC is sponsored by the Chairman of the Swedish Bridge Federation, Mats Qviberg, hence the name.

Program Chairman's Cup

Sign up for Chairman's Cup


The Swedish Bridge Federation has managed to negotiate special bridge discounts at the hotels in the list below. The specified distance is how far it is between the hotel and the venue, Conventum Arena.

  • Scandic Grand » +46-19-767 43 00 » » epost » 20 m
  • Scandic Väst. » +46-19-767 44 00 » » epost » 3 km
  • Best Western City Hotell » +46-19-601 42 00 » » epost » 300 m
  • Behrn Hotell » +46-19-12 00 95 » » epost » 400 meters
  • Clarion Hotel Örebro » +46-19-670 67 00 » » epost » 300 m
  • Quality Hotel Örebro » +46-19-20 50 00 » » epost » 4 km
  • First Hotel Örebro » +46-19-611 73 00 » » epost » 600 m
  • Elite Stora Hotellet » +46-19-15 69 00 » » epost » 500 m
  • Gustavsviks Camping (Cottages) » +46-19-19 69 50 » » epost » 1,5 km

The cost of accommodation at the hotels depend on the total number of nights. Contact the hotel of your choice for more information.


By air to Sweden
From Stockholm, 200 km from Örebro, continue by train or rentalcar
From Gothenburg, 300 km from Örebro, continue by train or rentalcar
From Nyköping/Västerås, 150 km from Örebro, continue by train or rentalcar

About Örebro

In the surroundings of the Conventum Arena there are many possibilities for activities. For more information about Örebro look here.

[b] OBS![/b] Bilden får ej användas annat än på FSB:s hemsida.

Any questions may be mailed to Micke Melander at the Swedish Bridge Federation: » epost.


The committee, responsible for The Festival, consists of:

Lars Persson (Chairman) » epost
Tomas Brenning (Member) » epost
Sixten Ek (Member) » epost
Leif Geremyr (Member) » epost
Dan Nilsson (Member) » epost
Carl Ragnarsson (Member) » epost
Micke Melander (Co-opted member) » epost

Svenska Bridgeförbundet, Karlsgatan 28, 703 41, Örebro, Tel: +46 (0)26 65 60 70